A Classic interior

Classic Decor Style 

When we say "classic" style we mean symmetry, luxury, comfort, quality, elegance, stylish and graceful look and design. The classic style is more on the romantic side as it uses raw and pure materials, it has more of an elaborate and grand gesture along with more subdued colours. Whenever we think of a classic look, we associate it with wealth, however you do not need to have a huge budget in mind in order to create this look its about creating the illusion of wealth at the very best. 



Statement making materials, deep and intense colours, shiny metals and lavish furnishings is what creates a more luxurious and classic style decor and are central to the theme. 

Dark and deep colours such as dark purple and dark blue as well as shades of black and brown enhance the overall look of the design and decor. These intense and dark colours compliment luxurious colours such as gold, bronze, silver and cream, coupled with luxurious materials such as velvet, dark wood, fine leather and marble; these combinations of rich materials and colours make a classic decor. 


Floors, walls and lighting   

A classic design goes beyond just furnishings, the furniture in any classic decor exudes luxury, wealth and glamour as they are usually like rich antique furniture with ornate shapes or just simply lavish.  Elaborate and "over sized" furniture reinforces the sense of wealth and opulence such as a large open fire place, large lamp and large sofas or loveseat. Furnishings are made of leather and velvet, this creates an exciting and rich contrast of combining sleek furniture with classic details. If you want to go for a more mellow classic look why not combine some modern style decor to quieten it down a little bit, go for a more rustic and contemporary furniture. 




Accessories are important when it comes to completing an overall decor and style. In a classic style and design, opt out for more antique accessories such as classic wall arts, bronze sculptures and beautiful gilded mirrors that will suit your overall classic look. 

Don't forget to personalise your chosen decor, add your own style and what draws you to creating your dream interior decor. Remember that you don't need a huge budget to create a classic decor in your home, you can always find furnishings that will exude elegance and wealth but with symmetry and harmony to ensure an overall look is achieved.  

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    I likes this Classic interior.This is so good and I want to try this one for my new house.The Floors, walls and lighting really amazing and looks Luxury too.