The industrial style

There are multiple living styles like modern, design, vintage, romantic and then you have the industrial style. The industrial style is one of the most outspoken living styles there is. In the industrial style everything can be bigger, greater and more robust as in other styles. The 'tough' industrial style gives your home a sense of rawness. A steel beam there, a concrete floor here and an unsanded wooden table in the dining room are common in the industrial style. 

Big, bigger, biggest!

In the industrial living style it is allowed to make use of large objects as a huge pendant lamp or steel cabinet in the living room. As a matter of fact, the industrial style is the ideal style to use a lot of large objects in the interior. A lot of small furniture and accessories aren't needed in an industrial living room, some big eye-catcher will do the work. Use a great floor lamp or en large black piano to fill the room with unique objects that will create the robust atmosphere.

Use wood, steel and concrete!

The perfect industrial interior uses a lot of robust materials as wood, steel and concrete that will give the interior its tough design. With a lot of grey, white and black colors the living room, dining room or bedroom will show a very unique sight. Large windows and cracks in the concrete floor are allowed in an industrial style interior. Enjoy your tough looking home with the industrial style as standard!

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