Enhance the Appearance of your Furniture with Spray Painting

Over a period of time, furniture tends to become lackluster. You can consider repainting it to enhance its appearance. The first thought that comes into our minds is the traditional brush painting. This may put us off as it is tedious and time-consuming. Also, the results are not that great!


So, what is the solution?

The answer is spray painting! You can paint your furniture very quickly with amazing results. Spray painting ensures painting evenly and quick drying of the surface.


Let me outline the steps for painting your furniture:

Step 1: Collect all the material required for painting

The essentials for painting are a mask, sandpaper, primer, spray paint, and sealer. Buy good quality paint. Spray paint is available in a variety of finishes from flat to high gloss. High gloss paint is recommended for furniture as it imparts a good finish and is easy to clean.


Step 2: Prepare the surface for cleaning

The surface to be painted needs to be prepared. Firstly you need to ensure that the surface is free of cracks and loose pieces. Any structural problems such as loose screws, etc. should be addressed prior to the painting. The next stage is cleaning the surface to remove the dust and grime. After this, you need to sand the furniture using sandpaper. Take care to sand in the direction of the wood grain. After sanding, the surface should be cleaned off the dust using a damp cloth.


Step 3: Paint in a right space

You need to wear a mask while painting. Spray painting should be done in a well-ventilated area. It is recommended to do it outdoors. The weather should not be too cold or too hot as this will impact the drying and result in the formation of bubbles. Painting on a windy day also has adverse effects. It not only blows the paint on your face but there is also a risk of dust particles blowing on the surface being painted.


Step 4: Apply Primer

Application of primer ensures even coverage and helps the paint stick. There are many varieties of spray paints available to choose from. The surface should be covered with primer using long and even strokes. Wait for the first coat of primer to dry before applying the next. Sanding should be done to eliminate any bubbles or inconsistencies.


Step 5: Spray Paint the furniture piece

Painting should be done using long and even strokes. Holding the paint too close to the piece results in rings or other marks of built up paint. Complete the entire painting in two coats of paint. This avoids drips that you may have to sand off.

So, transform your old furniture with spray painting!



Source: Paintsprayer.co.uk

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